The Case for Rejecting ETF's

At L.A. Stevens, we put the power of investing in your hands. We are contrarians in the sense that the we belief the ETF revolution has swung too far in the direction of bankers and Wall Street executives profiting from what is actually not a very difficult endeavor: crafting portfolios that will make you wealthy over the long run.

Here at L.A. Stevens, we reject the notion that we should all be ETF and mutual fund investors. We believe people with no prior experience, nor formal education, in investing can build portfolios that will ensure a wealthy, comfortable retirement and beyond.

ETF’s have proven themselves unreliable and costly vehicles for true wealth creation. For the following reasons, we have developed a host of services that will empower you to become a wealthy capitalist!

  • ETF’s close. Often. This could leave you with mediocre gains, or worse, large losses.

  • ETF’s have fees that eat into your gains yearly, reducing your total wealth in a big way.

  • ETF’s are often difficult to understand. They can have characteristics that cause massive wealth destruction.

  • ETF’s have managers that are no smarter than you! These managers chronically underperform the market, while making millions from your wealth!

Our goal at L.A. Stevens is to generate wealth for our clients by working side by side with them to create portfolios. We want to put you in the driver seat of your wealth creation. This exercise is both empowering and highly secure, as we ensure that no “rookie mistakes” are made along the way.

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