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Our mission is to give you the tools to build a true business of owning businesses. 

Whether you operate a family office, an individual portfolio, or hedge fund, we provide you the tools and inspiration to build out a top tier business of owning businesses regardless of the macro-environment in which we find ourselves.

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Seeking Alpha Marketplace

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Louis and his team publish research oriented towards generating returns in excess of the S&P 500 Index Fund and Nasdaq. He and his team achieve this goal through a "fundamentals first" approach, both from a quantitative and qualitative perspective.

A "fundamentals first" approach entails focusing on businesses that grow regardless of market conditions. 

Investment Media


L.A. Stevens Investments, LLC, is both an investment media company and an investment technology company. 

L.A. Stevens Investments, LLC, generates content across a series of media platforms, including SeekingAlpha, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

In this content, you will find investment research and philosophies oriented towards, simply put, making you money.

Check Out What Our Clients Are Saying

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Mrhage47, Beating The Market Subsciber

BTM is the best! I just opened up the chat at the BTM website with great anticipation wondering what the latest article or chat that Louis has written up. I asked myself why do I get so excited-because he makes his subscribers $$$. He also has a great writing style which is very interesting and enjoyable to read. He is excellent at getting his point across in his articles and the chat room. He responds to every question with a thorough and insightful answer. Simply the best!!

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RR Man, Beating The Market Subsciber

No doubt there are a lot of people offering their insight and advice to the Seeking Alpha subscribers and as one would expect there is a broad range of approaches that are offered. However, from my point of view "Beating the Market" and the personalized service, strong quantitative approach coupled with the typical deep dive on the industry as a whole is a top tier service. As they say, the proof is in the results and all you need to do is look at the results of Beating the Market recommendations and you'd conclude the same. Highly recommend giving it a test run and subscribing.